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s/qmail Documentation

We consider at first the layout of s/qmail according to the 'Big Picture':

Figure: The s/qmail 'Big Picture' (available as PDF)

Man pages are available for the individual moduls and main components of s/qmail.


Individual topics can be found in the following chapters:

  1. s/qmail ids and limitations (done)
  2. s/qmail file system usage (done)
  3. Server Setup (done)
  4. Recipients Verification (done)
  5. Authentication & Authorization (done)
  6. Transport Layer Security (done)
  7. Malware Prevention (done)
  8. Local Delivery (to be done)
  9. Remote Delivery (done)
  10. QMQ (to be done)
  11. Multi-tenancy (incomplete)
  12. Logging (done)
  13. Maintenance (to be done)