qmail-vmailuser [homedir] [-C]


       qmail-vmailuser is a maildir verification PAM supporting VMailMgr and
       Vpopmail users for virtual domains.  Invoked via qmail-smtpd's
       recipient mechanism, it checks the existence of the recipient directory
       for the provisioned virtual users in /var/qmail/control/virtualusers.

       qmail-vmailuser follows checkpassword's interface specification
       evaluating the SMTP forwarding path (RCPT TO:) taken from discriptor 3
       with a length of max 128 bytes.

       The forwarding path provided as vuser@domain is tokenized to determine
       the virtual user in /var/qmail/control/virtualusers given by domain in
       the first step and then validating for vuser the existance of (v)user's
       mail directory in lower case while substituting dots by colons.


       qmail-vmailuser is called as PAM from qmail-smtpd's control file

         *|bin/qmail-vmailuser /homedir -C

       No specific settings are required to support either VMailMgr or
       Vpopmail, except for the homedir and perhaps the option -C evaluating
       vuser in case respect mode.  Since homedir defaults mostly to /home,
       this argument can be omitted.


       For successfull operation qmail-vmailuser requires to stat vuser's
       directory though without reading it's actual contents. Due to
       restrictions given by Vpopmail, qmail-vmailuser needs to belong to
       vpopmail:vchkpw or gnerally to be root-owned and 'sticky'.


       If for the provided vuser@domain the user directory does not exist
       qmail-vmailuser exits 1.  If qmail-vmailuser is misused, it may instead
       exit 2.  If there is a temporary problem, qmail-vmailuser exits 111.


       addresses(5), envelopes(5), qmail-send(8), qmail-smtpd(8), qmail-
       recipients(8), qmail-authuser(8).

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