qmail-smtpam host port


       qmail-smtpam  reads an email address from FD 3 and tries	to verify this
       connecting to the remote	host on	port.	In  a  standard	 SMTP  dialog,
       qmail-smtpam  supplies  the HELO	greeting, a MAIL FROM: <> address, and
       the purported RCPT TO: <address>.

       qmail-smtpam exits '0' if the remote server replies with	'250',	other-
       wise '1'.  In case the control files can	not be read or a communication
       problem has occured, it exits '111'.


	    IP addresses to be used on outgoing	connections.   Each  line  has
	    the	 form domain:localip(%ifname)|helohost,	without	any extra spa-
	    ces.  If domain matches the	domain part  in	 sender,  qmail-smtpam
	    will  bind to localip when connecting to host.  LLU	IPv6 addresses
	    need to be appended	with the binding ifname	following localip with
	    a  '%'.   If  it  matches, it will set the provided	HELO string as
	    greeting; otherwise, it will use the default.

	    Current host name, for use solely in saying	hello  to  the	remote
	    SMTP  server.   Default: me, if that is supplied; otherwise	qmail-
	    smtpam refuses to run.

	    Number of seconds qmail-smtpam  will  wait	for  the  remote  SMTP
	    server  to accept a	connection.  Default: 60.  The kernel normally
	    imposes a 75-second	upper limit.

	    Number of seconds qmail-smtpam will	wait for  each	response  from
	    the	remote SMTP server.  Default: 1200.

	    If	present,  this file advices qmail-smtpam to use	TLS encryption
	    for	specific destination domains as	provided by  the  forward-path
	    and	 perhaps  to  validate/verify the domain's server certificate:
	    destination:cafile|verifydepth;port|ciphers|domain.		Unless
	    explicitely	configured, qmail-smtpam accepts any or	no certificate
	    provided by	the server, thus uses TLS for encryption only.	qmail-
	    smtpam uses	the same certificate validation/verification mechanism
	    as qmail-remote  except  for  distinguishing  among	 the  sender's
	    domain information.


       addresses(5),  envelopes(5),  qmail-control(5), qmail-remote(8), qmail-

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