qmail-mrtg  [ -1	| -2 | -3 | -4 | -5 | -6 | -a |	-b | -c	| -d | -e | -f
       | -g | -h | -i |	-j | -z	| -A | -B ] [time]


       qmail-mrtg reads	the multilog tagged s/qmail  logs  with	 TAI64N	 time-
       stamps  on  standard  input  to	produce	 a counter for specifc s/qmail
       events and display them on standard output suitable for	MRTG  process-


       qmail-mrtg  can	be used	to analyse qmail-send, qmail-smtpd, and	qmail-
       pop3d logs in order to feed the results into MRTG.

       Typically, qmail-mrtg is	called by the crontab facility together	with a
       configuration files telling qmail-mrtg what to analyse.


       qmail-mrtg posses three different sets of commands.  Reading qmail-send
       logs: -1	Deliveries/TLS transmitted, -2	Message	 KBytes	 enqueued,  -3
       Local/Remote    Concurrency,    -4    Failure/Deferred	Messages,   -5
       Bounces/Triple bounces, -6 qmtp/qmtps Messages.

       qmail-smtpd logs: -a total sessions, -b accepted/rejected sessions,  -c
       rejected	sessions (MTA),	-d rejected originator,	-e rejected recipient,
       -f rejected data	(Mime +	Loader), -g rejected data (Virus +  Spam),  -h
       authenticated  sessions,	 -i  accepted/rejected TLS sessions, -j	recog-
       nized/rejected SPF sessions.  Summaries are provided by -z  total  ses-
       sions, including	qmail-smtpd and	tcpserver/ sslserver/ rblsmtpd.

       qmail-pop3d/  qmail-popup  logs:	 -A  accepted/rejected	POP3  user, -B
       qmail-pop3d/ tcpserver/ sslserver connections.

       The intervalls to evaluate the information given	on STDIN  defaults  to
       300secs and can be changed by the second	argument for qmail-mrtg.


       qmail-mrtg  depends  on	a configuration	file for each service.	Sample
       configuration files are provided.


       Since qmail-mrtg	typically is invoked by	the cron facility,  additional
       information neeeds to be	supplied:

	 */5 * * * * env LANG=C	mrtg /etc/qmail-mrtg.send.cfg &>/dev/null
	 */5 * * * * env LANG=C	mrtg /etc/qmail-mrtg.smtpd.cfg &>/dev/null
	 */5 * * * * env LANG=C	mrtg /etc/qmail-mrtg.pop3d.cfg &>/dev/null


       mrtg(1),   crontab(5),  cron(8),  qmail-log(8),  qmail-send(8),  qmail-
       smtpd(8), qmail-popup(8).

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