tcpclient - create an outgoing TCP connection


       tcpclient [ -46hHrRdDqQv ] [ -ilocalip ] [ -plocalport ] [
       -Ttimeoutconn ] [ -llocalname ] [ -ttimeoutinfo ] [ -Iifname ] host
       port program [ arg ...  ]


       tcpclient attempts to connect to a TCP server.  If it is successful, it
       runs program with the given arguments, with descriptor 6 reading from
       the network and descriptor 7 writing to the network.

       The server's address is given by host and port.  host may be 0,
       referring to the local machine, a compactified IPv6 address, a dotted-
       decimal IPv4 address, or a host name; if a host has several IP
       addresses, tcpclient tries each in turn.  port may be a numeric port
       number or a port name.

       tcpclient sets up several environment variables, as described in


       -4     Fall back to IPv4 sockets.

       -6     Force IPv6 mode in UCSPI environment variables, even for IPv4
              connections.  This will set PROTO to TCP6 and put IPv4-mapped
              IPv6 addresses in TCPLOCALIP and TCPREMOTEIP.

              Use localip as the IP address for the local side of the
              connection; quit if localip is not available.

              Use localport as the port number for the local side of the
              connection; quit if localport is not available.

              Use ifname as the local network interface.  This is only defined
              for IPv6 sockets and needed if you use link-local IPv6

              Give up on the connection attempt after timeoutconn seconds.
              Default: 60.  This timeout applies to each IP address tried.

       -d     (Default.)  Delay sending data for a fraction of a second
              whenever the remote host is responding slowly, to make better
              use of the network.

       -D     Never delay sending data; enable TCP_NODELAY.  This is
              appropriate for interactive connections.
              Do not look up the local host name; use localname for

       -r     (Default.)  Attempt to obtain TCPREMOTEINFO from the remote

       -R     Do not attempt to obtain TCPREMOTEINFO from the remote host.

              Give up on the TCPREMOTEINFO connection attempt after
              timeoutinfo seconds. Default: 26.


       tcpclient reads the environment variable DNSCACHEIP which can be used
       to specify the recursive DNS Resolver dynamically.


       date@(1), finger@(1), http@(1), mconnect(1), tcpcat(1), tcpserver(1),
       who@(1), tcp-environ(5)

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