https@ [ -version ] host [ page port args ]


       https@ connects via IP protocol -version ('-4', '-6') to host on port
       via TCP, and then attempts an SSL connection. It sends the request:

         GET /page HTTP/1.0
         Host: host

       and prints the body of the response, removing the CR from the end of
       each line.

       If -version is not supplied https@ uses by default IPv6.

       If port is not supplied, https@ uses TCP port 443 (HTTPS).

       If page is not supplied, https@ asks for / from host.

       If host is not supplied, https@ connects to the local host.

       If args are supplied, they are passed to https@ unmodified.


       sslserver(1), sslclient(1), sslconnect(1), sslcat(1), tcp-environ(5).


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