#include "logmsg.h"

       extern int errno;

       extern int error_intr;
       extern int error_nomem;
       extern int error_noent;
       extern int error_txtbsy;
       extern int error_io;
       extern int error_exist;
       extern int error_timeout;
       extern int error_inprogress;
       extern int error_wouldblock;
       extern int error_again;
       extern int error_pipe;
       extern int error_perm;
       extern int error_access;

       char *error_str(int e);

       int error_temp(int e); UNIX syscalls provide detailed error codes in
       the errno variable.  The error library provides portable names for a
       variety of possible errno values.

       error_str returns a printable string describing syscall error code e.
       Normally e is errno.

       error_temp returns 1 if syscall error code e is a soft error, 0 if it
       is a hard error.  Normally e is errno.

       A hard error is persistent: file not found, read-only file system,
       symbolic link loop, etc.

       A soft error is usually transient: out of memory, out of disk space,
       I/O error, disk quota exceeded, connection refused, host unreachable,


       sysmsg(3), errno(2)

                                       3                         qlibs:(error)

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