#include "env.h"

       char **environ;

       char *env_put(char *NAME,char *value);
       char *env_puts(char *NAME=value);
       char *env_set(char *NAME=value);
       char *env_unset(char *NAME);
       char *env_get(char *NAME);
       char *env_pick();
       char *env_clear();


       The environment, environ, is a 0-terminated array of 0-terminated
       strings, called environment variables.  Each environment variable is of
       the form NAME=value.

       env_puts puts the string 'NAME=value' into the environment.

       env_put assigns the new enviromment variable NAME with value.

       env_set assigns an existing environment variable NAME with value:

       env_unset unsets an existing environment variable given as NAME.

       env_get returns the assigned value of the first variable whose name is
       NAME, or 0 if there is no such variable.

       env_pick returns any variable in the environment, or 0 if the
       environment is empty.

       env_clear clears the whole envionment.



                                       3                           qlibs:(env)

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