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is a fork of Dan J. Bernstein's djbdns.


  • IPv6 capabilites based on fehQlibs allowing the use of compactified IPv6 and LLU addresses.
  • Support for TLSA records according to RFC 6698 for tinydns.
  • Support for DKIM records according to RFC 6376 for tinydns and DNS TXT lookup.
  • CurveDNS secured query/response for dnscache.
  • CurveDNS enabled servers: tinydns, rbldns, walldns. based on NaCl/libsodium applying and improving Matthew Dempsky's patch.
  • rbldns supporting IPv6 addresses.
  • Multihoming & dualstack capabilities for the servers.
  • Miscellaneous improvements in particular for dnscache.
  • Siphash cache for dnscache.
  • Authoritative DNS responses in split-horizon manner evaluating IP client addresses in given CIDR format.
  • Installation accordingly to the slashpackage convention.


djbdnscurve6 requires

  • fehQlibs (basics and IP socket connectivity).
  • NaCl or libsodium for encryption/decryption services.
  • daemontools for startup and environment setting.
  • systemd or others (runit, s6) can be used with caution.

Packages removed

  • pickdns has been removed.

User Interface changes

  • Due to IPv6 support, the tinydns data file uses a '|’ and not the usual ':' as delimitor.
  • Unlike Felix von Leitner's implementation, IPv6 notation is given by compactified addresses.

Unfinished features

  • tinydns is UDP only and does not provide DNSSec features.
  • rts.test has not been fully adjusted yet (it is IPv4 only),
  • EDNS0 partially supported by dnscache.

Erwin Hoffmann, February 2023.