sslclient - setup a TLS client IPv6/IPv4 connection


sslclient [ -346hHrRdDqQveEsSnNxX ] [ -i localip ] [ -p localport ] [ -T timeoutconn ] [ -l localname ] [ -t timeoutinfo ] [ -a cafile ] [ -A cadir ] [ -c certfile ] [ -z ciphers ] [ -k keyfile ] [ -V verifydepth ] [ -w progtimeout ] host port prog

A a series of getopt-style options is followed by host, the host name or IP address for the client to connect to, and prog is one or more arguments specifying a program to run for each successful connection.

sslclient attempts to connect to a TCP server at host port. If the connection succeeds, sslclient runs prog with file descriptors 6 and 7 reading from and writing to a child process ssl. The ssl process attempts an SSL connect via the network. If it succeeds, it translates data between prog and the network, performing any necessary SSL encoding and decoding.

Before running prog, sslclient sets certain environment variables.


General Options:

Connection options:

X509 certificate handling:

Data-gathering options: