ucspi-ssl  0.12.3
ucspi-ssl Documentation


ucspi-ssl is a joined project of William Baxter (Copyright 2001 SuperScript Technology, Inc.) and me (FEHCom).

ucspi-ssl home page


  • OpenSSL or LibreSSL providing crypto services.
  • fehQlibs(-17) need to be installed (usually located at /usr/local) for network and DNS services.

Installation and Customization

  • Read doc/INSTALL for installation instructions.
  • Read doc/CERTS for the X.509 certificates shipped.
  • Read doc/CHAIN-SSL how to configure X.509 chaining support.

Changelog and Internals

  • Read doc/CHANGES for changes and bug fixes.
  • Read doc/UCSPI-SSL to find some internal information.
  • Read doc/TLS_1_3 how to use an OpenSSL/LibreSSL version providing TLS 1.3 support.
  • Read doc/TLSVERSION_CIPHERSUITES how to tweak TLS version and cipher suites.
  • Read doc/TODO what is missing still.
  • Read INSTALL if you like to use ucspi-ssl with OpenSSL 3.0 exceptionally.

Erwin Hoffmann, October 2021.